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David is currently pursuing several cases. Here are a few.

Tara v. DSHS

Tara is a 37 year old developmentally delayed woman.  As a vulnerable adult, Tara has limited ability to protect herself and provide for her own daily care needs.  In 2010, DSHS contracted with a man who claimed to be Tara's "boyfriend" to provide her with personal care, despite numerous red flags regarding his ability, willingness, and suitability to take care of Tara.  DSHS failed to properly monitor Tara's care and failed to act on numerous warnings that Tara was not safe or receiving adequate care.

During the 14 months while he was tasked by DSHS with caring for Tara, Tara's caregiver instead subjected her to abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, financial exploitation, malnutrition and food deprivation.  He prostituted her on Craigslist and forced her to have sex with strange men for money, obtained credit cards and loans in her name, and took and distributed sexually-explicit images of her.  While inflicting these unspeakable cruelties on Tara, Tara's caregiver was routinely drawing a paycheck from the State of Washington for her care.

DSHS has blamed Tara for her own damages in this case.

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Areas of Expertise: Social Work Negligence, Nursing Home Negligence, Daycare Negligence, and School Negligence